Danone Nutrition Commitments

At Danone we believe that providing health through food is not only a necessity but also our responsibility.  Today’s modern societies, because of more sedentary lifestyles and less healthy eating habits, are facing major public health issues.  In this context, we aim to help people adopt eating and drinking habits that are both healthy and relevant for them, whatever their age, culture or personal preferences. 

Our portfolio of products, combined with our broad range of activities to promote healthy diets and lifestyles, allows us to have a positive collective impact, ensuring healthier lifestyles and nutrition for all.  We also invest in research to understand local public health challenges and local eating and drinking practices.  These research programmes enable us to promote healthier choices that are relevant to the communities’ habits.

Danone has decided to take its nutritional charter one step further and implement nutrition commitments containing stronger, more measurable and time-bound commitments to evaluate its performance.

Commitment #1

We commit to continuously improving the nutritional quality of our products. 


We have reduced the sugar content in our products since 2012 – with up to 45% less sugar in some recipes.

We commit to 100% compliance with the Danone Nutrition Targets for Africa by December 2020, protecting protein and calcium while moderating added sugar, saturated fat and sodium.  

Commitment #2

We commit to working with experts to design healthier alternatives relevant for our local consumers.


The fortification profile of NutriDay yoghurt was selected in consultation with nutrition experts to address nutrient deficiencies in South African children.  Nutriday is a source of vitamins A, B, D, E and is the only yoghurt in SA that offers a source of zinc.


Nutriday Junior is made from full cream milk, has a low glycaemic index and is the only yoghurt in SA that offers a source of iron.


Informed by international research, we have developed a yoghurt containing a blend of five strains including a unique Bifidus culture which helps to improve digestive comfort – Activia yoghurt.  

Commitment #3

We commit to always learning more about consumers’ cultural eating practices to provide unique food solutions.


We conducted FoodStyles research to understand the socio-cultural determinants of food practices and we were able to use this innovate on products like Inkomazi, DanUp and NutriDay, making them better suited to the dietary habits of local consumers.  

Commitment #4

We commit to address local public health needs, particularly for hunger fill and micronutrient deficiencies in children.


We have addressed the need for hunger fill by improving the profile of a traditional maize beverage, adding yoghurt and other grains, to create a unique product - DanUp.


NutriDay yoghurt is fortified with nutrients known to be lacking in the diets of South African children and is SA’s only yoghurt which offers a source of zinc.


NutriDay Junior has been formulated to address iron deficiency in children aged 3 – 6 years and is SA’s only yoghurt which offers a source of iron.

Commitment #5

We commit to responsible marketing practices, especially to children. 


Danone is a signatory to the Voluntary South African Marketing to Children Pledge.


We commit to 100% compliance with the Danone Marketing to Children criteria by 2021.

Commitment #6

We commit to 100% labelling accuracy to encourage healthier practices.


100% of our products carry voluntary nutrition labelling.


100% of products indicate a recommended portion size.


100% of products voluntarily label added sugar (sucrose).