Healthy Planet

We believe that food produced sustainably can help protect and restore the health of our planet. Danone is focusing on four ambitions, which are at the center of our nature agenda: combat climate change, protect the water cycle, co-build the circular economy of packaging, and promote regenerative agriculture.

At Danone we GHG emission reduction through solutions co-created with Danone’s ecosystems. Being a food company means we rely on nature, agriculture and the farmers to do our job. Therefore, climate change is a particular concern for us, especially since this has a significant impact on the natural cycles which play a vital role in the food system. It is in our interest and our responsibility to help fight climate change. This must start with reducing our own carbon footprint. We measure our impact including our full scope of emissions throughout the value chain, i.e. our direct and shared scopes of responsibility (meaning Danone’s related GHG emissions coming from raw materials and agriculture).

Only by working together in partnership with our ecosystem of farmers, suppliers, customers and local communities we can make our vision a reality. Reaching our goal also means helping nature to sequestrate more carbon, tackling deforestation from our supply chain and managing all-natural resources sustainably.

We aim to co-build healthy water cycles that work in harmony with local ecosystems and communities. Water is a precious and increasingly scarce resource we must protect. Doing so, preserving water quality and respecting the natural water cycle are all part of Danone’s social responsibility, as is ensuring people’s access to water.



To achieve these interconnected goals, at Danone we seek to build in responsible practices at every stage of the water value chain. Many of these issues go beyond the scope of Danone’s own activities so we foster coalitions with water users, experts and local governments to co-create innovative and restorative actions.

We aim to build a circular economy for packaging. At Danone, we believe that healthy food, produced sustainably has the power to build a healthier future, and this holistic approach also extends to the packaging we use. While packaging is crucial to protecting food and reducing food waste, it does use raw materials and can generate waste when not recycled.



To bring healthy and high-quality products to our consumers, we need to tackle these negative impacts. Our strategy is to promote a circular economy, using sustainable materials made from sustainable sources and treating waste as a new, valuable resource. Innovation will be key in this journey towards building a healthy packaging cycle.

We support agriculture that is competitive, respects natural ecosystems and generates both economic and social value. Our ability to protect our global food cycle is key to the sustainability of our business. We therefore want to build and preserve a healthy food cycle. Offering a healthier and more sustainable diet goes hand-in-hand with resilient farms that work in harmony with nature and generate economic and social value. Our sustainable agriculture goals are central to meeting this vision. We will develop new tools and solutions, collaborate with farmers driving resource efficient farming and continue to seek solutions to our agricultural challenges in a transparent, open dialogue with stakeholders.

The wealth of nations grow from a healthy planet. Everything we eat depends on the earth that is grows in or feeds on. As gardeners of this planet, we have a duty of care to manage its resources responsibly and sustainably.