Inclusive Diversity

Danone is a company where diverse people grow. Faithful to its values of openness and humanism, Danone wishes to promote diversity as an opportunity everywhere, a source of innovation and agility for its teams. Diversity is about recognizing the uniqueness of each employee and valorizing the added value their differences all together bring to Danone.

Diversity starts from within: I should recognize what's unique in me before being able to welcome what's different and unique in others.  Promoting diversity in Danone is about creating a soil where each person will be proud of this uniqueness and feel encouraged to express it and to nourish it. Discover some of our initiatives, all aiming at creating an inclusive mindset.

Dare to be empowered with the EVE program

The EVE Program is a women leadership program which aims at working both on the individuals and on the organization.

Initiated by Danone and co-built with 6 official partners, the program trains 300-350 managers and directors each year in the issues of equality, sharing responsibilities and the leadership of tomorrow.

Since 2010, more than 2,500 men and women from 25 countries had the opportunity to take part in this seminar and already forming an active community of “change makers” committed to the mission of spreading the diversity culture in their respective organizations.

Supporting 100,000 talents' professional & personal development

Danone organizes dedicated learning weeks for its employees, known as "Campus". Originally designed for Managers, they are now extended to all employees. In 2015, Mexico was among the first countries to organize a Campus for all. During a whole week, 13,000 employees across the country could take part in various learning activities: from class-room sessions, business case studies, cross division best practices, conferences with external speakers. They could improve their understanding of the business, grow their network with employees from all divisions and develop their professional & leadership skills regardless their position.