DanPro is packed with 10g - 20g of high-quality protein per serving, contains no artificial sweeteners, and is available in a low or medium fat. This thick and creamy product is the perfect workout fuel as well as a convenient option for busy people on the go who want sustained energy. It’s currently the only product supported by the Sports Science Institute of SA with more protein than other yoghurts and reconized as source of all nine essential amino acids, which help to build muscle and aid recovery.

It permeates our entire being.

It’s that feeling of purpose, focus and drive.

It becomes more than just a way of life, but a way of living.

It’s the will to achieve, to succeed. The desire to go further, faster and harder.

Defining us, making us who we are.

We all have it. We all feel it. We all strive for it.

So, no matter what, feed it. Nurture it and believe in it.

Whether we do it for the love or for the glory.

Fuel your Passion with #DanPro


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