Responsible Marketing Practices

Our approach

As a food company, we believe that we have a critical role to play in positively influencing public health and nutrition issues through our broad product portfolio. We also believe that our communication and services should help educate consumers about the importance of healthy diets and healthy lifestyles and provide relevant information to healthcare professionals as to the importance of proper nutrition at all ages.

Danone is committed to responsible advertising in compliance with the International Chamber of Commerce Code for Responsible Food and Beverage Marketing Communication and complies with the South African Regulations relating to the Labelling and Advertising of Foodstuffs (R146/2010).

Danone’s approach to responsible marketing embraces all paid and unpaid communications developed by Danone, and especially material used to promote its brands or products to consumers.

Danone commits to ensure that its marketing communications are legal, decent, honest, and truthful, with claims having a sound scientific basis. More particularly:

  • We deliver the nutritional facts that empower consumers and practitioners to make informed dietary choices.
  • We place a special emphasis on practical, user-friendly information to support consumers to build healthy diets for themselves and their families.
  • We ensure that our information on product benefits is reliable and speaks a language which our consumers understand.

Working through our industry trade bodies, such as the Consumer Goods Council of South Africa, we support the development of general principles in this area, and their integration into advertising and marketing self-regulatory codes and systems around the world.


Marketing to children

Danone strongly believes that it is crucial to encourage children to enjoy a healthy diet and active lifestyle from an early age for habits to be sustained into adulthood. Danone is a voluntary signatory to the South African Marketing to Children Pledge and applies the principles of the Global Danone Pledge on Marketing to Children of December 2019. Only products that meet the Danone Pledge Nutrition Criteria may be included in Marketing communications* directed to children under 12 years of age.

Concretely, Danone applies the following rules:

Licensed characters, celebrities, influencers and premiums

  • We will only use licensed characters, movie tie-ins, celebrities, influencers and premiums primarily appealing to children under the age of 12 in conjunction with products that achieve the Danone Pledge Nutrition Criteria in marketing communications to children.
  • We will strive to use owned brand-equity, licensed characters or premiums primarily appealing to children under the age of 12 to support the promotion of healthy, balanced diets and lifestyles, to promote positive values and/or to help children to develop specific skills or positive attitudes.

Packaging, Point of sale

  • Licensed characters, movie tie-ins, celebrities and premiums primarily appealing to children below 12 years of age can only be used for marketing communication on packaging and at the point of sale (excluding ordinary display) in connection with products that meet specific Nutrition Criteria.

Schools and places where children gather

  • We will not engage in product marketing communications in and near Primary schools nor in Secondary schools. 
  • We will only participate in educational programs aimed at children under the age of 12 and engage in product sampling where specifically requested by, or agreed with, the school administration for educational purposes. In that case, only products complying with Danone Pledge Nutrition criteria can be used. Any tools that may be developed in this regard must have an explicit educational purpose and content.
  • We will only engage in product marketing communications or in product sampling in childcare centres, family and child services with products complying with Danone Pledge Nutrition criteria. 

*Refers to paid and unpaid communications developed by Danone with the intention of promoting its products to children under the age of 12 using TV, radio, print, cinema, online (on all digital platforms, including company-owned websites and company-owned social media profiles), DVD/CD-ROM, direct marketing, product placement, interactive games, outdoor marketing, mobile and SMS marketing. 

**Danone marketing communications are addressed to children under the age of 12 when these represent at least 30% of the audience. Where adequate data are unavailable, we will ensure that marketing communications for products that do not meet the nutrition criteria will not be designed to appeal primarily to children under the age of 12, based on the overall impression of the creative execution.