Quick Breakfast Ideas

Eat breakfast every day!

Experts around the world agree that eating breakfast has important benefits!  Breakfast eaters tend to have better nutrient intakes, are more likely to exercise and for children, eating breakfast may be linked to improved learning.  Studies show that children who eat breakfast tend to have better test scores and better short-term memory, as well as higher school attendance compared to those who don’t.

To build a balanced breakfast, combine a protein food, a starchy food and a fruit or vegetable.  Here are some handy breakfast ideas:

  • Whole-wheat breakfast cereal with yoghurt and half a small pawpaw.
  • Pap with maas and a tablespoon of raisins
  • Boiled or scrambled egg on whole-wheat toast with sliced tomato
  • Cooked mushrooms on whole-wheat toast and a tub of yoghurt
  • Peanut butter on whole-wheat toast with a small banana.
  • Smoothie: Blend yoghurt with raw oats, fruit, milk and a handful of ice.
  • Even leftovers from dinner can provide a healthy breakfast!


Quick breakfast ideas

We know the feeling – mornings can be rushed and chaotic!  How on earth will you squeeze in breakfast?

Use these tips to get you from breakfast skipper to pancake flipper!

  • Wake up earlier. It only takes 15 minutes to prepare and enjoy brekkies.
  • To save time, try to get as much prep as possible done the night before – ensure breakfast foods, bowls, cups and cutlery are out and ready for the morning.  Move refrigerated items, like milk, yoghurt and fresh fruit to the front of the fridge for easy access.
  • Yoghurt is a ready-to-eat nutritious food which offers some protein and carbs all in one!  Enjoy alone, or together with fruit and cereal.  Easy-peasy!
  • Cook extra maize meal porridge for the next day’s breakfast when making supper. Maize meal porridge that has been cooked and cooled and then eaten either at room temperature or reheated has a lower glycaemic index than freshly cooked porridge.  Combine the porridge with some maas and breakfast is ready in a flash. 
  • Oats don’t need to be cooked on the stove.  Save time by cooking them in a microwave or by soaking them overnight in yoghurt or milk with some chopped fruit.  
  • Prepare hard-boiled eggs the night before so they are ready for a grab-and-go breakfast or to make an egg sandwich with toasted whole-wheat bread.


Still not enough time?  Here are some examples of a grab-and-go or ‘packed’ breakfasts that should set you up for success:

  • A piece of fruit and a brown bread sandwich with peanut butter packed to go;
  • Trail mix with a tub of yoghurt;
  • Blended smoothie made the night before from milk, yoghurt or maas and fruit or vegetables. 
  • And if you’re just not a big fan of breakfast foods? Don’t limit yourself – breakfast can be any food you like, so try soup, a lean protein sandwich, or even leftovers from dinner! 


To find a registered dietitian in your area, visit the Association for Dietetics in South Africa (ADSA) website