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The world is changing and with it, our ideas on what it means to be a man are being redefined. The concept of masculinity has become incredibly diverse, to everyone’s benefit, but adjusting to these new ideas and ways of life can be challenging.

DanUp calls upon the men of South Africa to step up and give new meaning to what it is to be a man, and vows that DanUp will support them as they strive to create a fresh narrative on masculinity.



DanUp Talks, hosted by T-Bose on Kaya FM from 9:00 – 12:00 every Monday from 10 February until late April, seeks to provide a platform where we can discuss, heal, and progress in positive ways. The show also offers solutions and tools to evolve, be empowered, and finally break down traditional mindsets and internal conflicts surrounding how men view themselves within their communities, families, and the society at large.

The aim is to spark engaging conversation amongst listeners surrounding the weekly topics and, for this reason, online engagement and commentary is key to the success of this movement.



We’ve seen a shift in the role fathers play in the household. How do we show emotional vulnerability whilst still being pillars of strength for those we love?


We discussed the difference between simply living in the same home as your children and being an engaged presence, how to juggle family time with work, and how modern-day fathers are improving from the way they were raised. T-Bose and his guest, Bongani Luvalo, also gave valuable advice on how to be open to receiving criticism and feedback, and how to keep communication channels open with your children. 


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Marriage and relationships require incredible dedication. How can we step up in our relationships and give our partners the very best of us?


From being a good listener to supporting your partner in their career, we unpacked the many qualities that are embodied by the modern gentleman. T-Bose and his guest, Scotty Wang, delved deeper on the topic of what we know a gentleman to be, and how this construct needs to change to suit modern times and accommodate gender equality.


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Does prioritising our mental health mean sacrificing our masculinity? T-Bose and guests weigh in on the taboo surrounding men being emotionally vulnerable and open.


During this show, we discussed the reasons why men don’t go to therapy, and how therapy can really assist with healing trauma and normalising vulnerability. Clinical psychologist Anele Siswana was a guest on the show and helped to dispel some myths that some may have about therapy.


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Vulnerability is scary, but sometimes it’s the only way to resolve our pain. That’s why therapy is such a great source of support. Let’s tackle the stigma against therapy.


This show saw T-Bose and his guest, counselling psychologist Christopher Harper, interrogate the real barriers preventing men from seeking therapy, and what prospective patients can expect before attending a therapy session. We attempted to dispel myths that perpetuate fear of therapy, and encourage men to come face-to-face with their vulnerability.


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During this show we discuss how gender roles have become open to interpretation. How do we adapt to these new ideas?


Most of us were raised in homes that recognised traditional gender roles. From dividing chores and responsibilities equally to setting an example for our kids of how to get involved and share the load, we explored the ways in which we can slowly dismantle traditional ideas around gender in our own homes.


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How do we keep our physical health in check, and how do we balance this with the stress of work, family and life in general?


Whether it’s out of laziness or fear of knowing our true health status, we sometimes neglect important aspects of healthy living such as medical check-ups, going for tests and getting proper nutrition. During this episode, we explore the importance of prioritising physical health.


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We all need a helping hand from time to time. How do we become good mentors, and who should we be looking up to for guidance?


During this week’s episode, we discussed how great mentors can change lives, what it takes to be a great mentor, whether we can have mentors of the opposite sex and how mentees can seek out their mentors to create a mutually beneficial relationship.


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How do we set personal boundaries and resist peer pressure? After all, bullies don’t cease to exist on the playground – they follow us into the real world too.


During this episode of DanUp Talks with T-Bose we touched on the realities of workplace bullying, including what to do if you’re a victim, how social media has brought workplace bullying into our social lives, and how to know if your superiors are bullying you.


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