The Pioneering Spirit Of Danone

The first Danone yogurt, dating back to 1919 in Barcelona, was born from one man’s simple ambition: to create a yogurt designed protect and promote health. This was the beginning of a 100-year journey of determination and reinvention. 

This was the beginning of a 100-year journey of determination and reinvention.
Father and son, Isaac and Daniel, shared a common vision to popularize a simple product and, together, the pair founded a brand that has put yogurt on the tables of consumers around the world.
In the last 100 years, the visionary and entrepreneurial spirit of the Carassos has seen Danone change, adapt and continually innovate. Marketing Danone yogurt as a health food that was a “dessert for happy digestion”, Daniel pioneered the notion of combing health with pleasure.
Decades later, having expanded the business to become a truly global company, Daniel crossed paths with fellow successful French businessman Antoine Riboud.
The two shared mutual ideas, values and ambition. This alliance marked the birth of the first food group in France, enabling Danone to grow into a global leader in health-giving foods.

One man’s pioneering idea has grown to become an unprecedented offer across many segments, reflecting the diversity of the modern consumer. As needs and preferences changed, we innovated and adapted accordingly, using our unique expertise to support flexible eating habits all over the world. Today, we are proud to offer consumers in over 100 countries the world’s largest and most diverse ranges of yogurts, drinks, desserts made from dairy and plant-based sources.
Danone Essential Dairy and Plant-based has accelerated innovation across many segments to meet consumer demand for natural, simple and healthy products, without compromising on taste – whether it’s plant-based, probiotics, organic, high protein or reduced sugar options.

Our open approach to innovation is reflected in our partnerships with food tech start-ups around the world that share our vision of a healthy and sustainable food future. Through our venture arm, Danone Manifesto Ventures, we invest in high-growth-potential companies bringing unique products and disruptive models, supporting new ideas for transforming the food industry.

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