Strawberries grown in cities all year long

Through its innovative concept, Agricool has paved the way for a new form of urban and technological agriculture that brings us closer to meeting the increasing demand for locally produced food and the expansion of local distribution networks.

A unique opportunity for the cities of tomorrow

The challenge of urban farming and for Agricool is to help develop the production of food for a growing urban population who wants to eat quality products, while limiting the ecological impact of its consumption. Agricool strawberries are harvested when perfectly ripe and contain on average 20% more sugar and 30% more vitamin C than supermarket strawberries. The production technique makes for strawberries which require 90% less water to grow compared to traditional agriculture, with zero pesticides, and a transportation distance reduced to only a few kilometers between the place of production and point of sale.

«We are very excited about the idea of supporting urban farming towards massive development, and it will soon no longer be a luxury to eat exceptional fruits and vegetables in the city» - Guillaume Fourdinier, co-founder and CEO of Agricool

A shared objective for a mutual benefit

This breakthrough concept has caught the eye of Danone Manifesto Ventures, which seeks to bring our mission to life by partnering with disruptive entrepreneurs and innovative young companies that share our vision of a healthy and sustainable future.

“Agricool is disrupting agricultural practices thanks to innovative technology that provides local products, in line with consumers expectations. Their business model, with the use of shipping containers converted into urban farms, and the choice of the crops they are using (growing strawberries) give them a unique position in the booming urban farming sector.” – Laurent Marcel, Danone Manifesto Ventures

Taking the lead in a booming market

According to a UN report, in 2030, 20% of products consumed worldwide will come from urban farming (compared to 5% in 2018). In the past 3 years, Agricool’s teams have developed a technology to grow local, healthy fruits and vegetables more productively and within small and controlled spaces, known as “Cooltainers” (recycled shipping containers transformed into urban farms).

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