Kefir, yogurt’s drinkable cousin

Originating from the Caucasus mountains, kefir is a fermented milk product made from kefir grains, a leavening agent containing lactic bacteria and yeasts. The result is a drinkable, slightly fizzy live product containing a wealth of micro-organisms and micro-nutrients. It is largely considered as a great source of probiotics with several benefits for: intestinal flora, transit, and the immune system.

Kefir is a dairy product that has a smoother texture, more acidic taste and more ferments than a regular yogurt (approximately 15 times more).

Back in 1919, the first two products that Isaac Carasso marketed under the Danone brand were yogurt and kefir. In September 2017, Danone relaunched the “1919 Edition” yogurt range in Spain to celebrate 100 years of pioneering history. A year later, the range was extended with a kefir.

Building on consumers’ increasing appetite for naturality, the benefits linked to kefir- namely gut health and immunology- the relaunch was a worthy tribute of our Isaac Carasso’s lifelong ambition. In a context where plain unsweetened yogurts are all the rage, kefir is well equipped to make a steady comeback!

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