Fresh food for healthy kids and happy parents

Founders Joanna and David Parker, parents of three, together with Dan Treiman, created Yumble with a mission of making healthy eating more accessible for kids and less stressful for parents. Through a direct-to-consumer subscription model, Yumble ships nutritious, fresh meals for kids on a weekly basis. Inspired by Yumble’s goal of bringing healthy food to children in a convenient way, Danone Manifesto Ventures invested in the company in 2018, a collaboration that brings together expertise in children’s nutrition and an innovative startup model for dynamic growth and innovation.

Yumble makes it easy for parents to put together nutritious and fun dinners, lunches and snacks for their little ones. The meals are made from fresh, all-natural ingredients, seasonally and locally sourced whenever possible. For your little ones’ gourmet palates, Yumble never uses ingredients like high-fructose corn syrup, artificial preservatives, sweeteners, colors, hydrogenated fats, horomone or antibiotic filled meats, etc. In addition, there are plenty of gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free, and vegetarian choices each week too.

Meals are designed for children aged one to twelve, with portion sized that are adapted accordingly. What’s more, picky eaters are Yumble’s prime target! Joanna Parker designed the meals to be healthier versions of foods that children know and love, which makes it easier to figure out what kinds of foods they respond to best.  

In addition to a week's worth of delicious meals, customers who subscribe to Yumble are sent a welcome pack containing coins, trading cards, activity sheets and star charts. Parents can then send the completely filled-in chart and a photo of their little one to win a prize. For every subsequent delivery, children receive collectible coins that can be traded in for fun prizes.

"We have looked at many opportunities around childhood nutrition and are excited by the disruption Yumble brings, sitting at the intersection of an emerging direct-to-consumer channel, offering fresh, healthy meals that kids love with a relatable brand for millennial parents. Through this investment, Danone will further our commitment to improving children's dietary habits by leveraging our expertise, helping Yumble drive access to nutritious, quality offerings for kids."

Laurent Marcel, Danone Manifesto Ventures

Through great tasting, balanced meals and engaging educational activities for kids, Yumble makes healthy eating fun and stress-free for all!

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