Your Baby is Up All Night, and So is Blédina

Got a question? Just message it, hashtag it or YouTube it. In this age of increasing transparency, social media is fostering honest and impactful relationships between customers and companies, making the virtual world where consumers turn for answers. And for those with infants at home, it’s also a means to provide the best nutrition for their baby.

From an AI messenger chatbot and Facebook comments to a YouTube Q&A, Blédina, the century-old French baby food, is leaving no inquiry unanswered and forging strong and swift connections with consumers. Well-executed social media channels offer ongoing dialogue and engagement, as these compelling platforms educate and inform parents about the company’s products.

A chat that’s catered to you

Facebook Messaging Survey found that 53 percent of people would rather shop with a business they can message directly, say through instant messaging. Many people find that it’s easier and more convenient to chat online than to dial a hotline, press 1 and wait your turn (and wait, and wait…). Blédina makes communication easy and simple with their Facebook messenger app, a 24/7 AI chatbot that uses simple language and fun emojis to ease parents’ minds and share explanations, and to help customers find answers to their baby food questions.


The bot, which launches from the Blédina website, prompts users to state their question then pulls up relevant, bite-sized answers. While the chatbot gets first dibs in answering, Blédina’s human experts can step in to address more complex questions. This combination of artificial and human intelligence quickly connects parents in search of more about the company’s sustainable practices and commitment to nutritious baby food.

Real-time response, 5 billion comments strong

Facebook has become a catalyst for engaging and meaningful customer interactions; in fact, users leave five billion comments, messages and posts on individual company Facebook pages every month. From a parent looking to use a Blédina puree in a recipe to questions about an ingredient’s provenance, the requests on the company’s Facebook page are varied but always answered within hours, often by a Blédina “council member” to deepen the experience. Parents also chime in and share their experiences, further fostering a sense of community. 


Showing more behind the scenes

Parent-focused programing on Blédina’s YouTube channel chronicles the latest company initiatives that showcase its commitments of nutritious, ethically produced food and transparent processes. Videos provide virtual tours of Blédina orchards and factories, while Q&As with Blédina’s farmers, chefs and nutritionists offer behind-the-scenes info. And on YouTube, parents are not just viewers but often subjects: the company captures footage of real customers asking their toughest questions.

Historically, Blédina displayed transparency through the clear little food jars that show off its fresh ingredients. Now, social media takes that commitment to transparency one step further. By facilitating open, ongoing dialogue, Blédina interacts with parents in real time—in a real way.

Have your own questions about Blédina’s practices and processes? Head to Blédina’s Frequently Asked Questions page or try out the Blédina chatbot

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