How Social Listening Changed What’s in Your Breakfast Bowl

Ever wonder who makes the ultimate decisions about your favorite yogurt’s flavor, texture or packaging? If you’re thinking that it must be a CEO in a corner office, it isn’t that simple. Consumers’ voices online are louder and more opinionated than ever—putting them in the driver’s seat (or at least the passenger side) when it comes to getting a product just right. 

Case in point: Danone’s product line-up in Spain. By listening to consumers’ comments across social channels, the company sniffed out and jumped on the developing trend of people seeking more lactose-free choices. This insight resulted in the production of Activia’s lactose-free yogurt. “Social listening puts consumers in the center of our decisions,” explains Isabel María Gonzalez, CRM and digital manager, marketing, at Danone. 

Besides informing the brand about ingredient preferences, social listening also helps Danone get input on packaging. A tu gusto yogurt fans asked for a different way to close the product’s pouch-style containers, and that improvement is currently in the works. Consumer requests also resulted in the four-pack—not just individual or single-cup—option. “Feedback on social media helps us stay aware of what people are saying, feeling and asking of us,” says Gonzalez. “It gives us the ability to react.”

While gaining valuable insights from consumers is important, maintaining their confidence is paramount. Danone uses social listening tools and strict guidelines to help monitor brand mentions without compromising users’ privacy. “Dropping a message to a consumer when it’s relevant has actually been a welcome practice,” says Gonzalez.

Social listening is a game changer for honing in on consumers’ needs on a local and regional level. Gone are the days when it would take months for consumers’ thoughts and concerns to reach the powers that be at brands. Today, they’re delivered instantaneously through tweets, snaps, Insta-stories and more.

So, the next time you dig into a lactose-free breakfast bowl in new, eco-friendly packaging, send a quick tweet of praise—Danone’s all ears.

To learn more about Danone’s goals for a food revolution by 2030, read more here.


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