Healthy Choices are Fun with a Little Magic

You're in line at the grocery store and the kids want something to drink - now. Amid the myriad of temptations in the drink aisle, water isn't always their go-to choice.  

Danone decided a little magic could help save the day. To re-orient kids toward healthier choices — and meet its mission to encourage the adoption of healthier, more sustainable eating and drinking habits — Danone joined forces with Disney to make water fun.

Together, Danone and Disney designed “dressed-up” water bottles featuring the most popular Disney characters. Now Elsa, Darth Vader®, Spiderman® and others hope to land in kids’ lunchboxes, decorating Danone waters from Volvic®, Font Vella®, Bonafont®, Zywiec Zdroj® and Aqua®. The Star Wars™ collection, staying true to its sci-fi flair, even glows in the dark.

The results so far warrant a drumroll! When the Font Vella® mascot bottles hit shelves in Spain, kids couldn’t get enough. In one year, more than a million households fell in love with the new design, and the company saw huge growth in natural mineral water sales. 

Meanwhile, when Volvic® introduced the bottles in the UK, they flew off the shelves, with a boost in sales of almost 19 percent.

In addition to partnering with the rulers of the Magic Kingdom, Danone has worked with public health authorities and scientists around the world to encourage children to make healthy choices. One such initiative, Hydration for Health, supports primary school programs in Poland, Uruguay and Indonesia that tout plain water as the best choice kids can make to keep hydrated.

With a little guidance from some powerful influencers — Disney princesses® and superheroes, of course — kids will learn that making healthy choices can be fun. It’s a goal Danone and its partners are dedicated to, and one that can help people embark upon a lifelong journey toward better health.

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