Bring health through gut: How to support your gut microbiota through what you eat?

What makes kimchi, kombucha or yogurt so trendy nowadays? Fermentation! Fermentation, which has been part of our ancestral dietary practices, offers several benefits: it enhances taste, nutritional value, food preservation, all thanks to the power of bacteria. The gut microbiota is another example of the power of bacteria: The gut microbiota also ferments part of what the diet brings to us to produce beneficial nutrients…

In fact, it is seen by scientists as an “new organ” that plays a crucial role on health by providing essential nutrients The field of gut microbiota science has been one in which great discoveries were made these last 10 years. By harnessing the power of fermentation, Danone is willing to play its part as an innovative and forward-looking food company.

We have a "new organ”! Recent science has shown that the gut microbiota, which is connected to the brain, plays a central role in our health, impacts our immune system, our liver, and more.  

Scientists keep exploring this gut microbiota as a new entity evolving during human’s lifespan, with its tens of trillions of microorganisms. Researchers have identified that foods and diets are the best way to take care of the gut microbiota. Prebiotics and fibers nourish this new organ while some live bacteria contained in fermented foods can reach the gut and enrich this ecosystem. These discoveries are a great lever for innovation. 

At Danone, we believe we can bring health to people of all ages through gut with exciting foods, such as fermented foods with live bacteria, including probiotics and prebiotics. Yogurts have been in our DNA for almost 100 years. Bringing health though food is at the core of our mission. 

With 1,626 scientists working in our Danone Nutricia Research and Innovation Center and a total of 4,000 strains, we offer people innovative products to support health in the most natural way.

On June 27th was the first edition of the World Microbiome Day, we were proud to celebrate this edition as well as we support to the Gut Microbiota For Health initiative since 2012.

Find out more about bacteria and the gut microbiota in our brand new video!

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