Covid-19 Information

Our planet is faced with a pandemic that affects all of us. In this difficult context, every day, Danone's teams demonstrate exceptional commitment in all the countries where we are present and are united for the same cause: to protect our supply chain so that we can continue providing you with your daily food supply.


Our top priority is to ensure the safety of our 100,000 employees around the world as well as that of our partners.


Everywhere our brnds are committed to providing concrete local solutions to this unprecedented crisis.


Never has our 'One Planet. One Health' vision been more relevant. It calls upon us to do everything in our power to maintain our operational capacity in order to satisfy the needs of as many people as possible.

Danone South Africa’s response to COVID-19

#lockdown is an inconvenience for some of us, but for too many of our fellow South Africans, it means days of having no access to healthy, nutritious foods.  But this story can be different. We can change this to a time where we support the communities we serve, with the products they love. Danone’s mission has always been to bring health through food to as many as possible. That mission has never been more important than it is today, which is why we have launched the Share the Good initiative.  

What is Share the Good?

In partnership with FoodForward SA, we are delivering tonnes of South Africa’s favourite nutritious yoghurts, custards, and maas to communities who need it the most. Communities, who without the initiative, may have been going to bed on empty stomachs. 

Just imagine that, a world made better simply by opening our hearts and giving.

6 590 000 servings donated to date